RazoRock Shaving Cream Soaps

Introducing RazoRock Shaving Creams Soap – Made in Italy

What is a “shaving cream soap”? Quite simply, it’s a shaving soap formulated to have a softer and creamier consistency, making it much quicker and easier to lather with a traditional shaving brush.

RazoRock shaving cream soaps are all Made in Italy using tried-and-true Italian formulations. Most of our formulations are sold under different brands in Italy and are loved by millions of Italian men. By selling these amazing cream soaps under our RazoRock brand, we are able to offer tremendous value to the North American wet-shaver.

Although each formula is quite different, all four shaving cream soaps are vegetable formulations using a base of palm and coconut oils. They do not contain any SLS or Parabens.

RazoRock Classic

RazoRock Cacao

RazoRock Fresco

RazoRock XXX

Testimonial for RazoRock Shaving Cream Soap CLASSIC:

I received this little gem a few weeks ago from Italian Barber. I really like my Cella. So I thought I would give this soap a go.
I am very happy I decided to buy it because it is a heck of a soap. It loads very easily into both my boar and silver tip brushes.
It just simply works like a charm. After getting to know this soap a little more I noticed that it works with what ever water you give it. Its not a fussy soap in that sense. I simply load my wet brush and start lathering up in a bowl. No need to add extra water.
The scent is also very nice, light and subtle. Still very detectable. It smells like Almond Amaretto to me. I give this soap two thumbs up because its very inexpensive and just works great.
I would highly recommend it to any newbies because of the price point, ease of lather, and quality of the product.

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Mynor O. – California, USA

RazoRock Shaving Cream Soap with a Silvertip Badger

RazoRock Shaving Cream Soap with a Boar Brush