RazoRock Artisan Bar Soaps

Introducing RazoRock Artisan Bar  Soaps –  100g

100% Vegetable HAND MADE artisan soap. Made with the classic cold processed mixing method.

These are by far the best value we have found in Italy for a high quality Artisan bath soap.  The soaps are formulated with a base of Coconut oil and glycerin plus other special ingredients to leave your skin feeling clean, moisturized and soft.

I get a lot of inquiries asking… “Joe, what products do you use?”  Well… these are the bath bars I use on a daily basis!  They are available in a variety of 12 different formulations to suit just about everybody.  I urge you to pick up a couple of bars and test these out for yourself, once you do I know you’ll be back!

Size: 100g (3.52 oz.)

Handmade in Italy by an Artisan Soapmaker

RazoRock Sweet Almond Oil

RazoRock Aloe

RazoRock Beeswax

RazoRock Coconut

RazoRock Cocoa Butter

RazoRock Exfoliating

RazoRock Ginseng

RazoRock Lavender

RazoRock Olive Oil

RazoRock Sandalwood

RazoRock Shea Butter

RazoRock Thermal Mud